Welcome To Kudo International Federation India (KIFI)

Kudo is an official Japanese Cultural Budō sport under the same category as Judo, Aikido and Kendo. Kudo and Daido Juku are worldwide copyrights and all of its instructors and branch chiefs are certified under the Kudo International Federation, also known as K.I.F.

Kudo is recognized by over 10 national Olympic committees and has over 50 member countries.



The founding Members of KIFI are

  • Shihan Akshay Kumar VI Dan Black Belt   Hon. Chairman
  • Soshihan Mehul Vora VII Dan Black Belt   Hon. President
  • Renshi Vispi Kasad IV Dan Black Belt   Hon.Gen Sec


KIF Chronology

1st World Kudo Tournament is conducted.(Tokyo, National Yoyogi Competition Arena, 2nd Gymnasium)

Government officially recognizes NPO KIF.

More news

Principle Techniques



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