Technical & Referee Commission-

The technical and referee commission will learn and establish rules of Kudo in India as prescribed by Kudo International Federation adopt policies for the safe progression from one level to the next, from when a practitioner first starts to train Kudo all the way to the top professional level, Regulations; will be for the purpose of supporting the members in their work on ensuring health and safety of every athlete and to ensure Kudo India is at par with all other world Kudo Bodies.

  • Chairman: Shihan Percy Irani VII Dan
  • Members: Soshihan Mehul Vora VII Dan, Sensei Dhrumil Mehta


Medical & Anti Doping Commission-

Battling performance enhancing substance abuse is crucial not only to ensure fair play but most importantly to ensure the health and safety of competitors. The KIFI Association is working to implement in-and-out-of-competition drug testing across all competitions, thus ensuring that Kudo is at par with other major international sports. KIFI Association is also working to develop policies and recommendations for the sanctioning of professional events in compliance with the national guidelines in India.


Responsibilities of the Medical & Anti-Doping Commission

  • Development and maintenance of KIFI Association anti-doping policies and procedures, ensuring international compliance
  • Education of member federations and assistance in implementation of anti-doping policies and procedures
  • Development of KIFI Association anti-doping education and information programmes for all stakeholders
  • Development and maintenance of the KIFI Association doping control program including pre and post competition testing, result based testing, random testing and targeted testing.
  • Establishment of criteria for and maintenance of the KIFI Association Registered Testing Pool (RTP), identifying those who need provide their whereabouts.
  • Communication with national and international Anti-Doping organisations

Chairman: Sensei Dr.Keval Sondager M.D III DAN,

Members: Sensei Dr.Mohammed Ajaz Khan III Dan, Soshihan Mehul Vora VII Dan


Athletes Commission-

The athletes have their own Commission whose role is to make sure their interests are protected. The Commission, which meets once or twice a year, serves as a consultative body and is the link between active athletes and the KIFI Association executive body, The Commission represents athletes within KIFI Association and also upholds the rights and obligations of the athletes.

The commission is responsible for all concerns of athletes and is directly in control of Athletes redressal forum.

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