Grand Master's Biography

Jukucho Takashi Azuma

9th-Dan Kudo, 3rd-Dan Judo

Head director of International Kudo Advisory committee
Head director of International/All Japan Kudo Federation
Founder/Grand master of Daidojuku


  • 1949
  • Born in Kesen numa City Miyagi prefecture.
  • 1965
  • Enrolled in Kesen numa High School, Joined in Jyudo club. He encountered "Budo" first time in his life. He offered his life to explore it ever since.
  • 1970
  • Joined the Self Defense Force.
  • 1971
  • Enrolled in Waseda University night-class.
  • 1972
  • Fulfilled duty of SFD and retired.
    Joined Kyokusinkaikan headquarter(22 years old). He stood out among other colleagues since the beginning because of his physical strength trained by Judo and his spiritual strength that never accept defeat.
    Found a branch of Kyokushinkaikan in Waseda University.
  • 1973
  •    Participated in the 5th Kyokushin National Tournament.
  • 1974
  • Received 2nd prize on the 6th Kyokushin National Tournament.
  • 1975
  • Moved to USA for higher achievement of Karate and study. Received 6th prize on the first Kyokushin International Tournament.
  • 1976
  • Received 3rd prize on the 8th Kyokushin National Tournament.
  • 1977
  •    Received Grand prize on 9th Kyokusin National Tournament.
  • 1979
  •    Received 3rd prize on the 11th Kyokushin National Tournament. Received 4th prize on the 2nd Kyokushin International TournamentFrom the experience confronting with heavier opponents from over sea, He was realized again necessity of changing the official rules to include the followings : punch on head, the underbelly attack and throw, in order to fill the gap of physical differences.
  • 1980
  • begining to seek the ideal budo.
  • 1981
  •    Founder "Karatedo Daidojuku" in Sendai City Miyagi prefecture
       the 6th Kyokushin National Tournament, receiving 2nd prize.
       sanchin dachi.
  • 1995
  •    Ice pillar breaking (12 ice pillars). World record since 1995.
    1995 in an occasion of a Hokutoki Tournament, He performed 12-ice-pillar breaking.
    He holds the world record of 12-ice-pillar breaking by now year 2006.
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