Kudo International Federation India (KIFI)

Kudo International Federation India (KIFI), is the governing body for Kudo in India, it was established on 19/10/2011, under the aegis of Jukucho Takashi Azuma and Shihan Akshay Kumar.

The Kudo revolution was started in India by Shihan Mehul Vora president of KIFI, on the eve of the 3rd Akshay Kumar International Invitational Karate-Do Tournament, this was the first time ever a six member all Japan champion team gave demonstrations and taught students and instructors in India.

The mission statement of Shihan Mehul Vora and KIFI is to promote Kudo in its purest form across every, village, town and city of India, and to create world champions in Kudo

The founding Members of KIFI are:

  • Shihan Akshay Kumar VI Dan Black Belt   Hon. Chairman
  • Soshihan Mehul Vora VIII Dan Black Belt   Hon. President
  • Hanshi Percy Bahmani VIII Dan Black belt   Technical Director
  • Renshi Vispi Kasad V Dan Black Belt   Hon.Gen Sec
  • Sensei Jatin Naik V Dan Black Belt   Hon. Jt. Secretary
  • Sensei Vispy Kharadi III Dan Black Belt   Hon. Treasurer
  • Sensei Dhrumil Mehta III Dan Black Belt   Hon. Jt.Treasurer
  • Sensei Megha Vora I Dan Black Belt   Hon. Vice President
  • Sensei Mehul Dedhia III Dan Black Belt   Hon. Vice President

State Representatives: Kudo International Federation India

  • Renshi Vispi Kasad   Kudo Association Gujarat
  • Sensei Jasmine Makwana   Kudo Association Maharashtra
  • Renshi Rajkumar Menaria   Kudo Association Rajasthan
  • Renshi S D Barman    Kudo Association West Bengal
  • Sensei Pavan Kumar   Kudo Association Telangana
  • Sensei Nityanand Juvekar   Kudo Association Goa
  • Sensei Anand Amritraj   Kudo Association Andaman
  • Sensei Vijay Kasera   Kudo Association Uttar Pradesh
  • Sensei Dr.Moham Ajaz Khan   Kudo Association Madhya Pradesh
  • Sensei Ajay Jaswal   Kudo Association Himachal Pradesh
  • Sensei Azharuddin   Kudo Association New Delhi
  • Sensei Kumar Chadan    Association Bihar

Associations under consideration

  • Kudo Association Chandigarh
  • Kudo Association Punjab
  • Kudo Association Jharkhand
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